So, who is Wedow?

Meet Will Wedow! Movie collector, gamer, and home theater enthusiast.

How do you pronounce Wedow you might ask? It's easy, Wee-doe. It's basically how the Minions sound when they make their siren noise (wee-doe, wee-doe, wee-doe).

One of Will's biggest passions in life is his career in IT. His career is at the foundation of his love for technology. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Finance. He is extremely organized in all aspects of his life.

On the hobby side, Will has been collecting movies since 2008. Over the years he has accumulated thousands of titles. His private movie collection is now one of the largest in Colorado. Will definitely enjoys hosting movie nights for his friends and family. When he isn't watching movies he enjoys playing video games, learning new technology, and further automating his smart home. 

One thing that may surprise you is that Will has country roots. He grew up in a small town and even owned horses. He is a country kid turned techie. Labs and Golden Retrievers are his favorite kind of dogs.

Will is incredibly grateful to his amazing wife. She supports his career and hobbies every day; he couldn't do what he does without her.

Fun fact: Will hates the question, "What is your favorite movie?" You can't pick just one!

Favorite Movies

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