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jasons_dvd n_bluray_collection

Hey everybody!

My name is Jason Anderson, but you all mostly know me by jasons_dvd_n_bluray_collection on Instagram!! I've been collecting for as long as I can honestly remember. I collect DVDs Superbits, BluRays, 4Ks, HDDVDs, SteelBooks, and Boxsets. From movies to TV Series'. I collect Funko POPs as well! Excluding doubles I own 5670 movies!! My unwatched is rivaling my watched... I have 5 and a half, overflowing, shelves of unwatched movies.... I can't wait for the day I have 0 unwatched movies!! I'm also a Nascar fan, a Christian, I love music as well. I'm 24yrs old. 

Some of the first films EVER in my collection were The Adjustment Bureau, War Of The Worlds (2005), Transformers, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, & Indiana Jones 1-4. I still have my original copies of most of these!! My all time favorite movie is The Punisher (2004), especially the Extended Cut!! I currently own 12 different copies of the film, including 1 Autographed by Thomas Jane himself along with a quote from the movie... "God's gonna sit this one out" which to me, being a Christian and all, was wild!!! I also got to meet him!!

I would say my main sources for buying movies are probably Walmart, Amazon, & Ebay. I shop at plenty of other places, but these are probably the "Big Three". I used to watch RedBox movies all the time with my dad growing up, so that definitely has a part in my love for movies. I definitely have an addiction! I've even been lucky enough to have my name featured in the credits of 2 movies, Never Hike In The Snow & Never Hike Alone 2. Both are AMAZING and FREE to watch on YouTube (Don't forget to watch Never Hike Alone as well). With Movies, Music, and Jesus, life is great!!

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Hello there. My name is Chris Leary and I have been collecting movies since 2008. Back then, I just collected superhero movies. I would add to my collection by waiting for Black Friday and get super cheap deals. I started collecting more heavily when I found out about Facebook Marketplace about 5 years ago. Now I have a huge collection. And it would be a lot bigger if I didn’t have rules for myself. For example, if it's a bad movie, I will take it out of my collection. (I don't understand why people actually keep bad movies in their collection.) Also I never pay full price for movies; in fact, I rarely buy any movies over $10. Some people think that's crazy. I call it being patient. Part of the fun of collecting movies is hunting for the best deals. In my collection I have mostly DVDs. About 1/4 of my collection is Blu-rays and 1% is 4Ks. 

My goal is to eventually watch every movie in my collection. Cuz at one point half of my collection I haven't watched yet. I watch about ten movies a week. This year, I’m watching all of my movie series.

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Hey there rad people! I'm Ashley, better known as Zombiegxrl. I grew up in a small desert town in California but recently relocated to Utah for much better views. Having grown up in such a small town there wasn't much to do. So like many others Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were main staples in my family's life during that time. This in turn is where my love for the horror genre came about. My parents would also buy VHS' for us to enjoy whenever, let's be honest they watched them just as much as me and my brother. But the two VHS that I would always grab for were Halloween and Leprechaun 1 & 2. 

I have been collecting since I was around the age of eleven with a few years off. Having years off I still found myself buying some cool version of a Horror movie I loved. Though within the last five years, my collection has grown immensely. I used to do photography for bands at their concerts, so that's where my passion for photography comes into play. Around the summer of 2020 I decided to start sharing my collection with the world. And the community of amazing people I've met along the way have helped keep the social experience a positive one. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read a little about me. Take Care!

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Marc's Movie Vault

Hey everyone, Marc from Marc’s Movie Vault here! A little bit about myself. I’m a San Francisco native and life long East Bay Area resident. Metal head and paranormal/history enthusiast. As a late 80’s baby and 90’s kid, I grew up in a densely populated neighborhood in the golden era of the home video market. Blockbuster was king. Playing outside wasn’t an option most days, so I fell deeply in love with movies and gaming. I lived in a household where there was little, to no content restriction when it came to the kind of entertainment we enjoyed, and I very quickly developed a lifelong love for all types of film, no matter the genre. I do have a particular love of scifi, fantasy, and most important of all, horror. Comedies and dramas are genres least represented in my collection.

Like many, I miss the days of video rental stores on every block, the thrill of the hunt, the anticipation of new arrivals and the passion of sharing movies with my neighbors (so to speak). I’ve been collecting for my own personal Blockbuster for about 12 years now, focusing exclusively on bluray/4K formats. For the last few I’ve been spending most of my focus building up my favorite boutique labels including Criterion Collection, Scream Factory, Arrow, and many more. I welcome anyone to come by my social media pages any time, and truly appreciate sharing my passion with all of you. Thanks to Wedow Theater for taking such an active role in the online film community! Hope to see you soon!

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Bluray Dan

My name is Danny O'Neill but some may know me as Bluray Dan (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) or Dan_In_Real_Life (TikTok). I've been a lover of movies my whole life, and even went to school for film & acting. Movies inspire me, they motivate me, and I think my favorite part about them is the fact that they're an escape from reality. Life can get chaotic at times, as we all know, so to be able to hit play and transport yourself into different worlds is something I'll always appreciate. Some of my favorite movies are Rocky, Saving Private Ryan, The Outsiders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, 30 Days Of Night and my childhood favorite Camp Nowhere. I'm also a tremendous lover of A24.

I've collected movies on different formats such as VHS and DVD but I never really got into collecting the way I have now until I started collecting Blurays. I'm currently sitting on around or above 7,000 Blurays & 4Ks titles and counting. Over the years I've been passionate about spreading the word of Physical Media because I feel it's an underappreciated and dying breed. Not that I'm against streaming but there's nothing like owning your own copy and being able to hold it in your hand and appreciating the artwork. With Physical Media, nobody can remove your favorite movies from your collection like they can on a streaming service, you also don't get the same quality as you do with a disc. You also don't get all of these wonderful special features that are included on a hard copy.

I started showcasing my collection on YouTube back in 2014, and moved to TikTok a couple years ago where I currently have over 65K wonderfully supportive Followers with over 1K videos. If you would like to check me out, feel free to click the link that I've included!

I truly appreciate you all for stopping by and reading 

- Danny

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Ashley Collects 

Hey there! I’m Ashley, also knows as Ashley Collects. My love for movies and cinema in general started when I was around 3-4 years old when I became obsessed with The Little Mermaid. I would watch my VHS on a loop all day (sorry to my parents who had to deal with that lol). My favorite genre is now Horror and I have my grandfather to thank for that since we would rent Alien and Aliens all the time to watch together.  Over the years I would try to see as many movies in theaters as possible, and each birthday and Christmas my mom knew I would be happy with a few new movies to watch at home. That’s definitely where my bug to collect came from. 

I always had VHS tapes growing up, but once DVDs came around, that’s when I knew I wanted to seriously collect. Fast forward I don’t even know how many years, my husband and I have amassed a collection of well over 2,000 movies. Part of the reason we even started talking when we first met was over our love of movies. We had a YouTube channel for a while (Talk Movies With Us), however life took over and we stopped making videos. Last year I got the itch to create content again, so I joined TikTok! Now between that and Instagram, I’ve met so many amazing collectors over the years. The physical media community is incredible and always so supportive. If you’d like to follow along on my collecting journey, please do! I always look forward to interacting with collectors and seeing what everyone has!

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Hi!  I'm Jason!

I live in Alabama with my beautiful wife Kayla! We have 2 furbabies, our dog Cayden & cat Scooter! I've been collecting physical media of all kinds, movies, video games & music since as long as I can remember, all the way back to being a kid!

I started my movie collection in 2000, with picking up a couple of movies here and there. In 2003 I started working at Movie Gallery, where I worked several years and that's where my passion for collecting really started!

I love just about every genre in film! Some of my favorite movies of all time are The Goonies, Planes Trains & Automobiles, Saving Private Ryan! I am also a HUGE fan of directors John Hughes, Steven Spielberg & M. Night Shyamalan!

We currently have roughly 2,100 titles in the collection!

I started sharing our love for physical media on social media with TikTok back in 2021 currently growing to almost 7,000 followers and have really gained so many new friendships over the last couple of years who also share the passion of physical media! I recently joined Instagram and we are growing more there!

We would love for yall to follow along! 

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Hey there, I’m Brad! I’ve had a love for movies, toys and video games ever since my childhood. Entertainment has been engrained in me ever since I can remember. My family regularly took trips to Universal Studios, had weekly movie nights at the theater, and enabled our creative and imaginative side, by “playing” with toys.

My childhood passions were kept alive by working at retail stores such as Blockbuster Video, KayBee Toys, GameStop and Toys R Us, throughout my adult life. This is where my collections started to grow. Currently I own 10,000+ movies, 2,500+ video games, and everything from high end statues, to low end child hood nostalgic action figures. My collectibles consist of anything Star Wars, Simpsons, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, TMNT, anything pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as pretty much anything that Steven Spielberg or John Williams has had their hands on.

If you have any questions about my collection or content, or you’d like to follow me on social media to see my collection, please check me out on Instagram and Tik Tok, both at @8bit_boba_fett.

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Hi everyone! 

My name is Samantha, but around these parts I'm known as DejaViewed films. I have a long running love for physical media, which started when I was young with films such as "Narnia" and "Voyage of the unicorn". I have really enjoyed sharing my collection with everyone! If you'd like to interact with me, or join in my journey you can find all my links tagged 😊

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