Frequently Asked Questions

Movie Collection

When did you start collecting movies?

I had some DVDs as far back as 2000, but got more serious about collecting around 2008 when I started collecting Blu-rays. 

Why did you start purchasing movies?

I'm a quality buff; I want the best experience possible in my home. Watching movies on Blu-ray provides superior picture and sound quality over streaming. I love giving people demos so they can see/hear for themselves.

How do you organize your movies?

How do you count your movies?

Since I log every single movie that I own on, I use the count they provide for my inventory. The main count follows these basic rules:

There are also other statistics/counts I can get from, including: 

What shelving do you use for your movies?

Atlantic Oskar 1080 Media Storage Cabinet - found on Amazon here.

What shelving do you use for your collectibles?

Room Essentials 3 Shelf Bookcase - found at Target here

What is the rarest movie you own?

That is a tough question. I honestly don't know, but hopefully I can figure that out one day. gives me a list of some of the "least collected" movies based on other accounts on their site. 

What is the most valuable movie you own?

I actually don't know. I do own a number of out-of-print (OOP) movies and depending on how the physical media market goes they might become more valuable over time.

Do you open/unbox all of your movies?

Yes, every movie of mine has been opened. I enjoy watching them straight from my collection. I'm not the type of collector to keep things sealed.

What's something you wish more collectors knew?

The power of and the My Movies app. You can do so much from tracking your collection, recently watched, ratings, wishlist, deals/price drops, while also getting some cool stats about your specific collection.

Don't you think you are wasting your money?

Not at all. My collection provides me the best movie experience possible. I don't lose the rights as streaming platforms can come and go. Plus, there is just something special about being able to hold the movie in your hand. Not to mention, I typically buy movies on sale.

Movie Watching & Reviews

How do you rate your movies on Letterboxd?

When I rate a movie I consider the following:

Because Letterboxd allows half stars it is really on a 10 point scale. A 3.5 star movie = 7/10 to me.

If a 70's sci-fi movie was well made for it's time but the story or pacing suffered I could still give it a rating somewhere in the middle.

What is your favorite movie?

See About page.

How often do you go to a movie theater?

Typically only a few times a year. A lot of times I prefer the experience I have built at home with friends. There are sometimes I can't wait for a physical release and that is when I'll head to the theater.

What is the best looking Blu-ray (on screen) that you own?

Gemini Man. The picture quality alone stands above the rest. It's absolutely stunning to see the detail. (Not referring to the high frame rate of the movie, simply the image quality.)

How many seats do you have for movie night?

I can comfortably seat 11. We can squeeze 15 with overflow. Long term I want to have 3 rows that will allow me to seat 15 comfortably.

Why don't you play your Blu-rays on your Xbox or PlayStation?

Not everyone knows this, but Xbox and PlayStation do not support Dolby Vision for Blu-rays. I prefer watching my 4K movies with Dolby Vision so I use a separate 4K player that supports it.

Do you spend more time watching movies or playing video games?

Watching movies :-)

Do you stream movies?

Of course, it just doesn't happen often. Typically I will stream exclusives, but if there is going to be a physical media release I will typically wait for it on disk.

How often do you watch movies?

Usually a couple times a week. I try and host movie nights a couple times a month for my friends.

AV & Hardware

What AV/speakers/hardware/equipment do you have for your theater?

See Home Theater page for a full list of hardware that I am currently using.

Why don't you have a projector?

In general, I prefer the brightness and clarity of OLED TV's over projectors. My long term plan is to have both where a projector screen comes down in front of the TVs. Also, with the Philips Hue light sync enabled the entire wall feels like an extension of the TV. Not to mention, my space is often well lit and serves as a living room and hangout area.

Do you have a media server?

No I do not. I still put each disk into my Blu-ray player when I want to watch a movie. 

Why aren't your side TVs OLED?

Often times my side TVs have static images on them (PC, security cameras, etc.) and OLED is susceptible to screen burn. It is intentional and strategic that they are not OLED.

How do you maintain high video quality with the Philips Hue HDMI Play Sync Box?

Please be aware that the Philips Hue HDMI Play Sync box reduces video quality when viewing Dolby Vision content through it. I have a unique solution that works for my setup that maintains high quality video feed and Dolby Vision light sync for my 4K Blu-ray player. 

Depending on the way you have you components hooked up this may or may not work for you. I have tested numerous HDMI 2.1 splitters and have found one that work best for my setup. I expect results could vary based on your specific hardware as it varied between my LG C9 and LG G4 TV's during testing. 

The Solution: Use an HDMI 2.1 splitter to pass a high quality video feed directly to your display and the second output to your Play Sync Box. 

I use the OREI BK-102. OREI also makes a more expensive BK-102a but this one did not work nearly as well with Dolby Vision content in my testing. To add further confusion I have seen pictures of the BK-102 with different colors and with and without EDID switches.

I chose this splitter as it allows 120Hz gaming and allows my Xbox Series X to check every video compatibility box. The only thing I am unable to do with this splitter is use the light sync from an Apple TV in Dolby Vision. However, Dolby Vision from my 4K Blu-ray player works perfectly. I rarely sync lights with my Apple TV so this was not a deal breaker in my setup. I have no problem switching my Apple TV to HDR if I want to use the light sync with it.

The specific BK-102 I have is black/blue WITHOUT EDID switches.

OREI Amazon Link


If 120Hz or gaming features do not matter to you then try the EZCOOTECH HDMI 2.1 splitter. This splitter works with the light sync for all video modes that I tested, including Dolby Vision from the Apple TV. However, it was only able to use 60Hz gaming with the EDID settings I found best. 


Note: Since I use my HDMI splitter between my AVR and my TV I did not test any audio passthrough with these splitters. I was only concerned with video functionality

General Configuration:

What upcoming projects do you have for your home theater?

See Home Theater page.


What brand/model are your home theater seats?

RowOne Revolution are the seats that I have. I have 5 seats setup in a row with 3 individual seats and a loveseat on the end.

You can find out more information about them here.

What brand/model are your regular couches?

Jackson Furniture / Catnapper - Italian Leather from American Furniture Warehouse

You can find out more information about them here. 

What brand/model are your riser platforms?

14 1/2" Octane Seating Riser Platforms.

You can find out more information about them here. 


What is your favorite video game?

See Gaming page.

What gaming hardware do you have?

See Gaming page.

Do you have VR?

Not at this time. Maybe someday in the future. If PSVR2 takes off I might start with that since I no longer have a beefy gaming PC.

Do you prefer the Xbox or PlayStation controller?

My favorite controller is the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Do you have many retro gaming consoles?

One of my biggest regrets is selling my retro consoles and games when I was a kid. I typically did this to get whatever the newest console was at the time. I wish I still had them for display/use now. :-( 

Right now I am more focused on growing my movie collection than acquiring retro consoles and games. 

What are your gamertags?

See Gaming page.


How do you pronounce your name?

See About page.

What do you do for a living?

I am the Vice President of Information Technology & Operations for a nonprofit in Colorado. Simply put, I run the IT department, IT strategy, security, and general operations of our offices.

iPhone or Android?

iPhone, though I loved Android back when HTC was king.

Windows or Mac?

I use both, but I prefer Mac. All of my Apple products work seamlessly together and you can't beat the reliability and ease of use. I also run Parallels on my Mac to keep a virtual Windows machine handy at all times.