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The Collection Count = 3,460+

My prized possession. I have been collecting Blu-rays since 2008. Almost every person who comes over can't help but say how it reminds them of being inside a Blockbuster. You can see my specific collection and last watched movies using the buttons below. On August 26, 2023 I passed the big 3,000. 

I started by collecting action movies on Blu-ray; I wanted the better picture and sound for those movies. After I had many of my favorite action movies, I started to expand into my favorite movies in general, regardless of genre. Once I had all of my favorite movies, I started looking for sales and easy pickups of anything I might enjoy (even if I hadn't heard of it). Years later, my collection has grown to what it is today. Except for some new releases, most of my collection has be purchased on sale.

Everything in my collection is alphabetized. I do not sort anything by genre, studio, etc... The letters along the top of my shelves help you quickly navigate to the section you need from a distance, while smaller letter tabs can be found on the shelves to direct you right to the start of the letter needed. Navigation is fast and easy for all!

I also participate in the huge physical media community online. There are more collectors out there like me, many with even larger collections. 

I recently started accepting donations.  With donations it isn't uncommon to receive duplicate movies. I've begun giving away and trading any duplicate movies that I receive. Every Blu-ray deserves to find a good home. If you are interested in donating or trading, please contact me.

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I've been a member on since 2010. This is where I track all of my owned movies and maintain an accurate collection count. I also have thousands of movies on my wishlist and track sales across Amazon, Best Buy, etc. I rarely miss a day from spending at least a few minutes on their site. I even have a dedicated iPad placed next to my movies so that anyone can digitally search my collection. It's one of the highlights for my guests.