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(Home Theater)






Sources / Inputs

And yes, between the receiver and the HDMI matrix I am able to put any source on any TV, including the TV in the upstairs living room!





I want my space to be a multi-use space. I take inspiration from traditional living/family rooms, home theaters, and game rooms. I want to be able to host friends for a casual multi-screen days or a serious single screen movie night. Having the ability to lay on the couch is always a nice option that is often missing from traditional home theaters which is why I have a combination of seating options. I want my space to be easy for my friends to get comfortable in for hours. 

Often the Philips Hue light sync is on to make the experience feel even bigger. The side TVs angle in so viewing angles are good regardless of what seat you pick. I can comfortably fit 11 people and when needed can squeeze 15 in with some barstools setup on the sides. The back row is on a 14 1/2" riser platform.

Someday there may be a projector screen that can drop down in front of the TVs for a full combination experience.

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